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     Custom Wall Decal Sticker Printing  (Large format wall decal, PVC wall sticker printing service)

Kocoprint Wall Decal Sticker Singapore

Custom wall decal sticker printing    Materials PVC sticker 130μ (matt ), PVC sticker 130μ (gloss)  
 Printing option Interior : Latex printing, UV printing
Exterior : Eco-solvent printing (weatherproof)
 Design 1. All kind of custom image, photo and personalised artwork
2. available any image of Image sites (Shutterstock.com / Fotolia.com)
 Size (by mm/cm) Minimum size for an order : 1m x 2m (max : no limitation)
Cutting size : in 1.0m~1.2m (width)
 Order quantity from 1 pc (no limitation)   * volume discount
 Finishing options hot coating or cold coating (extra charge required)
 Inquiry / Quotation support@kocoprint.com
Please email above specification first for quotation
 Lead time 6~7 business days including delivery after payment
 Installation D.I.Y  /  Installation service (at extra charge)

        Ordering Procedures  
for wall decal sticker printing

       1. Measure wall size with tape line and decide material first.
       2. Request a quote for the above requirements by email.
       3. After confirmation a quotation, submit design file for the printing.
       * Customer should make the design file with margins (every 3cm in all directions) because wallpaper is produced with extra spaces for safe installation.
          For example, If wall size is width 3500mm (3.5m) x height 2300mm (2.3m), the design size should be 3560mm x 2360mm including the margins

       * In case of shutterstock or fotolia images, our designers will provide printing artwork if customer informs selected image's code number and wall size info for wall sticker printing.
       * If the design file size is big (over 10mb), please move the file to personal "Dropbox" and let us know the link address for the download.

       4. Check the printability of submitted design.
       5. Issue a payment mode (for PayPal or Bank transfer)
           * PayPal payments (by credit or debit cards) : PayPal is a reliable payment system that protects buyer's payments until customer receives the completed product package.
       6. Production of custom wall decal and Delivery : Lead time will it take around 6~7 business days including delivery after payment.
       7. Product verification and completion *Installation is extra optional service that requires a separate order.

       Large Format Wall Decal Sticker Printing

Exhibition wall decal

Business decal sticker Glass decal Wall decal sticker printing
(Exhibition wall decal)   (Business decal sticker)   (Glass decal)   (Wall decal sticker printing)

      Design Requirements for wall decal sticker printing

      A.  Photograph or Image file

          1. Photo or Image file : It should be high resolution image (over 200dpi)
          2. Vector file (by Adobe illustrator file): no limit
          3. Customer is available any images on shutterstock (link) for free.

          Once customer sends us an image file with wall size information, we will provide printing artwork according to the wall dimension for customer's confirmation.      

      B. Custom design (Photoshop file / Adobe illustrator file)
          1. Bleeds required by 3cm each for all sides : width 6cm, height 6cm
              For example, if an order size would be 3000mm x 2000mm, the printing artwork size should be 3060mm x 2060mm.
              The extra space is filled with background color or design.
          2. Color mode : Set CMYK mode in document information (Adobe Illustrator / Photoshop)
          3. Apply "Create outline" to font (texts, wording) * in Adobe Illustrator : Type > Create outlines
          4. Apply "Rasterize" to image and blended objects (with opacity and gradients applied)

          *  Details of design requirements (Link)
          *  If customer needs our design support, please order a design work separately.
          *  For further inquiry, please let us know anytime by e-mail (support@kocoprint.com)

         As for License issues and order cancellation
         1)  We proceed with printing according to the design file submitted by the customer.
         2)  The copyright of the design source applied to printing is the responsibility of the customer.
         3)  After printing has started, it is impossible to modify the design data.
         4)  Please note that cancellation of order cannot be done for customized product once it has been started.
         5)  For error or defected product, please claim within 3 days after receipt of the completed products.
               After checking the status, we will refund or reprint for the faulty products ASAP.

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